Introducing our new website!

 Introducing our new website! Hello friends, I'm Ragthor, I want to welcome you to our new website and blog, a dynamic that we have been wanting to incorporate for quite some time. The reality is that it was a month of very hard work for us, there were several design decisions that we had to face when developing the website, both artistically and from the backend. We are very happy with the result, our artist Lian did a great job when it came to designing all the aesthetics, we wanted to give it a video game style, we were inspired by Diablo and Warcraft. This is just a first step to big projects we have planned, from a new Core, improvements for our old games and new projects to come... for Steam! Yes, as you read, for the first time we are releasing a PC game and we are very excited about it. For now we can not give you more information but you can visit our Youtube channel where you can see development diaries for mechanics or game previews. In the same way I invite you to save